Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Frozen Flower and Me

I found a frozen flower,              

As I walked beside the pond,

Its petals spoke of summer,

Its fragrance lingered on,

I picked it up gently,

For I feared it would break,

I whispered to it softly,

Perchance it would awake,

Its petals softened one by one,

Within my warming hand,

I thought I saw the blossom smile,

At first I did not understand,

But the reason became clear,

As it gave a blissful gasp,

I had freed it from its prison,

And loosed the icy grasp,

What meaning could there be,

As I compared the flower to me,

What could I learn from one flower,

When I freed its awesome power?

Our words were warm but empty,

As we walked beside the pond,

We spoke of our love in summer,

And now the memory lingers on,

Our love was so much like a flower,

With petals soft and warm,

It had flourished in the summer,

But dared not face fall’s storm,

When an icy wind began to prowl,

Slipping around corners while it kissed the air,  

Our love couldn’t stand the chill,

As summer gave way to the cold,

 Words alone wouldn’t warm the heart,

We had been so very good together,

But we could not last apart,

If we just look past winter,

With the first advent of spring,

Perhaps our love will blossom again,

And we’ll see what fruits it’ll bring.

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