Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jack of the Lanterns

Jack of the Lanterns
It was a day like the others,
But the sea was at rest,
The crew was getting restless,
Including Lady Pen in the nest,
It seemed days since we had rum,
“Captain Jack,” said I so bold,
“I can almost hear a distant drum,
Someplace where there’s lots of gold,”
“Aye,” he muttered, “we need to find,
Something to do to distract their minds,”
“Captain, if I may humbly suggest,
Bring Lady Pen down from the nest,
I heard her talking to one of the crew,
She had some ideas on what to do,”
Now Jack don’t take to ideas quick,
But he knew Pen’s ideas would be slick,
He grabbed one of the men by the arm,
“Tell Pen to see me, but no need for alarm,”
She looked a bit worried, timid she be,
As she climbed down she glared at me,
“Did this tar say something, he’s worthless you see,”
She smiled provocatively at Jack, and batted her eyes,
“I’m ready for duty, you can count on me,”
“Lady Pen, I need some ideas to stir up this crew,
I need them fast, I feel trouble starting to brew,”
“Captain,” she said with a twinkle in her eye,
“I’ve been thinking while up in the sky,
If our flag was different than any other ship,
You’d become famous, Edward Teach would flip,”
And I have ideas about decorating and such,
The world would love us and it wouldn’t cost much,”
“Ah, Lady Pen,” said Jack with a twinkle in his eye,
“You’ve turned out to be a special kind of guy,”
With scissors and thread she started the flag,
With bits of clothing, curtains, and rags,
She’d requested some gourds when we found land,
Gave no explanation that the Captain could understand,
She toiled without stopping until she was done,
“Captain,” she said, “Now, let’s have some fun,”
The Jolly Roger came down, a pumpkin flag was raised,
The crew was perplexed and partially dazed,
The gourds were carved with precision and care,
All had smiles, but an evil stare,
“These gourds will be lanterns to guide us at night,
And the evil faces will give others a fright,”
Candles were lit and placed in each gourd,
“I’ll reward you handsomely,” said Jack, “you have my word,”
The ships demeanor changed, it was eerily strange,
Ships surrendered before we got into range,
As we boarded ships that we found,
Jack would call out, “Put your arms down,”
“Give us your gold and something to eat,
And no tricks we’ll play as we take our treats,”
It wasn’t long before the word spread,
That a great pirate ship was one to dread,
It was filled with spirits with evil grins,
It never loses and always wins,
Captain Kidd, Teach, and others heard of its fame,
And Pen was selected to give it a permanent name,
“Jack’s lanterns, to her just made sense,
And jack o’lanterns  have been called that hence,
Even now should you on the open sea be cast,
And a pumpkin flag is flying near the mast,
Look closely at the Lady dressed prim and neat,
Her eyes will be glowing as you close in to greet,
And beside her will be a captain, Jack be his name,
Take them seriously when they say, “Trick or Treat!”
Many a ship has been plundered out at sea,
I wouldn’t want that to happen to you or me,
When jack o’lanterns be smiling with an evil grin,
Be aware of the danger you could be in,
Should you be courteous especially to Pen,
Their hospitality is fabulous for all their friends.

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