Friday, October 28, 2011

"I'll Promise You This"

A cloudburst in summer,

Soaked to the skin,

My heart is melting,

“Won’t you please let me in?”

A blizzard in winter,

I’m frozen to the core,

My love is ready,

“Won’t you open the door?”

The flaming leaves of autumn,

Are starting to fall,

How long must I wait,

“Don’t you love me at all?”

When the birds are returning,

At the greening of spring,

I’ll tell you, “I love you,”

And give you a ring,

My heart is broken,

But I’ll promise you this,

I’ll dance at your wedding,

And give you a kiss,

If my dreams were real,

As real as could be,

I’d enjoy the four seasons,

Having you here with me.

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