Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Just Like Me"

She read to the birds once a day,

It was her way,

Of saying thanks for all they’d done,

They made life fun,

Bluebirds and sparrows at her feet,

They took a seat,

Listening intently to the stories she read,

About pieces of bread,

That Hansel and Gretel dropped on the path,

Hoping to escape the wrath,

Of the stepmother and find the way back,

But they lost track,

Birds had eaten every single piece of bread,

And now as she read,

The audience of birds had gathered from the sky,

Some had already begun to cry,

“That’s such a sad story,” said one with shame,

“It’s true, birds were to blame,”

“Don’t you fret, my dears,” she said with a smile,

“The ending is happy after awhile,”

“Tomorrow I’ll tell you about Snow White,

So have a good night,”

“And bring me some of your songs to sing,

Just any pretty thing,”

“I want to share songs that you’ve taught me,

About the wind, the sun, and the honey bee,”

“Your songs could bring joy to girls and boys,

They might forget their toys,

And discover how much is in this world to see,

And learn to love it just like me.”

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