Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hockey and Halloween

(a Halloween tale)

One Halloween night all creatures were astir,

Ready for anything gross that might occur,

Blood curdling screams and fights were about,

In the midst of the mayhem a hockey game broke out,

From out of the sky Count Dracula swooped down,

His voice boomed out and was heard all around,

“I’ll issue a challenge to any blood thirsty team,

You’re clumsy, ugly and only good in your dreams,”

The ghouls, zombies, and the walking dead,

Laced up their blades and warmed up with Fred,

The Count secretly had made a great plan,

He’d gathered the quickest in all the land,

Wolves were howling to get into the game,

Vampires and goblins wanted the same,

The Count handpicked his team with cunning and care,

Freddie was more casual but he continued to stare,

“Count, I think you’ve got tricks up your sleeve,

Yet we’ll give you a battle, I do believe,”

“Ah, Mr. Krueger, there’s more than you think,

Pumpkinhead will be the referee on this rink,”

With evil grin the referee took his place,

“Are you ready now to go face to face?

No sticking, no slashing, the rules are clear,

If you don’t play by the rules, you’re outta here!”

Jason, the goalie, said, “Count, your entrance was slick,

Are you good enough on ice to pull a hat trick?”

Fights were frequent and often quite gory,

But there’s much more to this bedtime story,

Hockey fans gathered from all over the land,

Until there was no place to sit or stand,

Blood curdling screams continued to abound,

For hockey fans are the most rabid around,

“Tear off his head,”  “The referee stinks,”

“Have any of you ever been on a rink?”

The penalty boxes were filled with players galore,

But the fans kept shouting, “Blood! I want more!”

The game continues from one year to the next,

If you see a game starting, send me a text,

For I’ve heard many screams and seen fights all about,

And I’m willing to miss mayhem if a hockey game breaks out.

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