Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's Your Hell?

1)  Alone at Last

The sun was shining,

It was a beautiful day,

Everyone was smiling,

As they passed her way,

But no words were spoken,

No complaints were heard,

The world was silent,

Without one word, 

Her friends marched on,

None stopped to talk,

She had to be satisfied,

With enjoying her walk,

She loved to gossip,

Nothing good could she say,

Except when she talked of self,

And ego held sway,

Conversations remembered,

Still trapped in her head,

Her words full of poison,

She wished were unsaid,

She remembered her last words,

Before she was pronounced dead,

“There is too much noise,

I want quiet instead!”

Given what she asked for,

In the world where she’ll dwell,

A world of silence,

To her that is hell.

2)  The Good Man

He was proud of his deeds,

He avoided all strife,

Avoiding most temptations,

All of his life,

A mental scorecard he kept,

More good things than bad,

He was the very best example,

The world ever had,

But a chink in his armor,

One that he never saw,

He was proud to be perfect,

But his pride was a flaw,

The world could be better,

He often would think,

“If everyone was like me,

Our minds would link,

There would be no need,

To worry about sin,

At the pearly gates,

We’d be waved right in,

God could go elsewhere,

And take a needed rest,

And I could take over,

Since I‘m the very best.”

3) The Competitor

“I had the most toys,

So I really believe I won,

Heaven must be impressed,

With things I have done,

A trophy for racing,

Trophies for this and for that,

I was ready for anything,

At the drop of a hat,

I always had to prove myself,

To show I was number one,

But along with the competition,

I always tried to have fun,

If heaven doesn’t have contests,

Then Lord what will I do,

Competing has been my life,

So, Lord, I’ll challenge you,

I don’t want to sing with angels,

Nor sit in a chosen choir,

I’d rather be racing the flames,

In hell’s hottest fire.”

4)  The Decorator

“I’ll have a world all my own,

Chosen to match my taste,

The décor will be fabulous,

With very little waste,

I’ll pick the hues,

To match the scene,

Everything will be more lovely,

Than anything ever seen,

I’ll help God out,

Improve what I find,

I’ll be a legend,

In each and every mind,

If my expertise is not wanted,

Then to hell I will go,

I’ll make things spectacular,

It’s on with the show!”

5)  The Sinner

Lord, I made many mistakes,

I’m sorry for my sin,

I know I’m not worthy,

You might not let me come in,

I didn’t give my all,

And I didn’t do what I could,

I didn’t live my life,

Like I knew I should,

My temper and bad habits,

Are all part of my shame,

Most of my life was wasted,

Before I called on your name,

I don’t have any answers,

But I know you do,

I don’t deserve heaven,

I’m leaving that all to you,

I’m relying on your blood,

To cover my disgrace,

And you’ll give me mercy,

Along with your grace.

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