Friday, October 28, 2011

Troubled Sleep

When dreams carry me far,

Connecting life's reality to distant star,

It is then I find answers to my fears,

Or discover what I hold dear,

Lost memories stroll two and three,

Reminding me how it used to be,

Am I awake or in a dream,

Caught forever in a wayward scheme,

My needs, my wants, my heart's desires,

Struggling between ice and raging fires,

My fantasies are not long to keep,

As I drift back into troubled sleep,

My muse tugs impatiently at my mind,

"Wake up! There are worlds to find,

Time is fleeting as you sleep,

And you have promises to keep,

Stories that have risen from the deep,

Must be captured for the world to keep,

You don't really need to sleep,"

Weary from travels within my head,

Miserably I stumble from my bed,

No reason to argue with my muse,

That's a battle I always lose,

For gentle thoughts become a crowd,

Their cries to be heard grow very loud,

And where is this wisp called sleep,

It was released early, not mine to keep.


  1. My muse won't let me fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning and then I fall in a dreamless sleep...I love the line "and where is this wisp called sleep." Thank your for your rhyming comment on my Rub a dub dub poem :)

  2. This piece is billowing with rhyme. My muse often won't let me sleep.

  3. i really like this work, its beautiful :D

  4. What do I do when my muse wakes me up,
    and tells me which words to write,
    I don't refuse because my muse expects,
    Me to be obedient day or night.

    Since I'm alone I don't have to wake anyone. If I don't start putting words down, I have trouble sleeping and I don't remember the words the next day.


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