Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Herding Cats!

Cowboys don’t have a chance
Herding cats,
Ropes are too large, cats are too small,
And they run this way and that,
Nope, cowboys aren’t made
For herding cats,
Kindergarten teachers might
Have a chance,
They deal with small critters,
Every day,
Whether at work or at play,
They control the wee ones
With a withering glance,
So kindergarten teachers
Might have a chance,
The kids might be tall,
The rooms might be small,
There’s little space to prance,
So kindergarten teachers
Might have a chance,
I heard people say
In jest one bright sunny day
That kindergarteners are
Lively and quick,
Never face them when
You’re tired or sick,
Even though they might
Be as good as gold,
They’re like trying to hold
Twenty or more ping-pong balls
under water at the same time,
So at the end of this rhyme,
Perhaps you might agree,
With the conclusion I see,
Cowboys are good with
Dogies and all that,
But herding cats?
Call in a preacher,
I’ll bet my money on a
Kindergarten teacher.

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