Friday, October 22, 2010

Before I Beg You

Before I Beg You
Tonight the trees hear me whisper,
For even the wind has ears,
I want to pull you close to me,
And wipe away your tears,
You fill my eyes with your beauty,
Embers have begun to burn,
I don’t want to shirk my duty,
And you have so much to learn,
I vowed to protect your innocence,
And I can’t go back on my vow,
The words I pledged were easy to say,
But I’m standing with furrowed brow,
Your lips are ripe, so cherry ripe,
I’m tempted to taste them now,
But rather than talk about how you look,
I’ll practice my vows anew,
But seeing you is killing me,
Knowing something I’d rather do,
Touching is better than seeing,
I want to touch more of you,
Though fires are raging deep within,
My weakness I must control,
You’re tempting me by being here,
I’m in danger of losing my soul,
Your warmth weakened my resolve to fight,
You have to leave me soon,
The moon is growing big and bright,
To your charms I’m not immune,
I’m torn between loving you,
And doing what I know is right,
Please go before I beg you to love me,

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