Monday, October 4, 2010

Doomed to Circle
I would like for the world to be,
Sweet and innocent,
It hasn’t been that way for me,
But real and earnest,
I would like your kisses to inspire,
Hot like the stars,
Yet your kisses lack the fire,
And keep me in ice,
If your world was real and not an act,
My heart would race,
My tongue would not have to retract,
Promises of love,
If you loved me with a love so true,
Enduring and sincere,
All my fears I could subdue,
And change my fate,
If you allowed me to draw nearer still,
Close to your heart,
And gave me a chance to fulfill,
Cherished dreams,
That perfect world is not to be,
I’m love starved,
But as a lover you can’t see me,
Left without hope,
And like the earth orbits the sun,
I’m doomed to circle,
And my pain has just begun.

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