Tuesday, October 19, 2010

my Super Bee Truck

My Super Bee Truck (Part 2)
During the queen rearing season,
I looked for ways, and other reasons,
To use my small bee truck,
On a windy afternoon it was my luck,
To discover I could graft the baby bees,
Into queen cups while out of the breeze,
And quickly I could fill a complete frame,
Place it into a hive and later proclaim,
“I think they’re ready. These cells are ripe,
Can’t you hear the queens pipe?”
And from there to the mini hives,
Where virgin queens could survive and thrive,
The car carried sugar syrup to the hungry bees,
I could get to a bee yard with relative ease,
This arrangement worked very well,
And soon I had beautiful queens to sell,
My car was transport, and a place to work,
Peaceful and quiet when the bees went berserk.
In the spring when there were swarms,
The car was excellent in all it performed,
On the boat racks I had tied a ladder,
I could grab it quickly before the bees got madder,
Into an empty hive I would shake the cluster,
And wait, and wait, with all the patience I could muster,
Until the last bees entered their new home,
Content to begin building honey comb.

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