Saturday, October 30, 2010

Exclamation Point!

Exclamation Point!
I didn’t ask to be like Job,
Whose life took a backward thrust,
Yet here I am with shredded heart,
Arising from the dust,
I’ve lost at love one more time,
But it will not hold me down,
Like a Phoenix I’ll spring into the world,
With a smile instead of a frown,
I’m alone but not alone,
For I believe in a higher power,
Hope is there to guide my way,
Each and every hour,
My arms are bare and empty,
I have no one to hold,
So I choose to embrace the world,
Before my heart turns cold,
This world sparkles despite my pain,
My senses are acutely aware,
I see the beauty in this world,
And feel God’s presence there,
I smile at the turns I’ve made,
And all the times I’ve slipped,
Love will thrive the rest of my way,
It’s still within my grip,
Every day is a bonus day,
Full of meaningful things to do,
Challenges spring up daily at me,
Head on I’ll tackle them anew,
I don’t want to end my life,
With a period at the end of my game,
As a poet I want much more flair,
An exclamation point should mark my name!

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