Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Super Bee Truck

My Super Bee Truck (Part one)
My truck was red, a six-cylinder station wagon,
I affectionately called it the Red Dragon,
A family car, well worn and abused,
For it carried bee hives and was used,
To make trips during the pollination season,
The car was different for another reason,
Small yellow splotches decorated the car,
(A trained eye could spot them from afar),
That were dropped by bees during cleansing flights,
Inside the car, left over from previous nights,
Mud and leaves were on the floor,
Tools of the trade, and bee clothes that I wore,
More than a family car, it was a bee truck too,
It accomplished the tasks I needed it to do,
Oft it slipped beneath flowering almond trees,
Where I would unload the hives of bees,
On soft ground where I was loath to go,
Like a busy squirrel I hurried to and fro,
Putting octets of hives in strategic places,
Until the orchard was surrounded by the bees’ embrace,
I could sigh with relief when my job was done,
But for the bees, their work had just begun,
In their hives they hummed aloud,
And prepared their dance for the sun.

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