Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Circus on the Beach (Children's Poem)

Circus On the Beach
Once as I wandered a sandy beach,
Watching the tide creep in,
A gull announced in screeching voice,
“Let this crazy show begin!”
Two crabs marched by in perfect step,
At the beginning of their parade,
Three dolphins leaped into the air,
It was quite a scene they made,
Four sea lions roared from nearby pier,
Barnum and Bailey would be proud,
I was sure the parade would stop,
Because they were so loud,
But five perch began a harmony,
And quieted down the crowd,
Six tiger sharks paced a nearby wave,
I watched with eagle eye,
From a life-guard tower on mussel beach,
I waved a silent goodbye,
Seven wolf eels took their turn,
And did their synchronized dance,
While eight sea horses on the beach,
Began their impatient prance,
Nine rays flapped their outstretched wings,
And gave a curtain call,
Ten whales slapped their tails,
To signal that was all,
But urchins cried, “You forgot about us,”
 “You never gave us a chance,”
And a sea star held up an arm,
“We were going to dance,”
Before any more protests were made,
A walrus said with a grin,
“We’ve had enough of this show stuff,”
“The fog is rolling in,”
And with those words he slipped away,
Into the fog and sea,
And that’s the last I saw of them,
And the last they saw of me.

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