Monday, October 18, 2010

The Very Best A Man Can Do

The Very Best a Man Can Do
From out of the darkness,
Her voice pleads urgently,
“Get up. Come to me.”
“It is but a dream,” I said,
“There is no reason to get out of bed,”
But head checked with heart,
Knowing that reasoning against feelings,
Would only tear me apart,
Her sultry voice urged again,
“I only want to talk, and then,”
She paused, “I want to show,
Some presents I have for you,”
How could I say no?
Even in the deepest of night,
It sounded right,
I had no choice but to go,
I left quickly, wasting no time,
To claim what was going to be mine,
My brain daring to ask,
“What could it possibly be?”
She could tell that I had rushed,
Perspiration betrayed me,
My face was flushed,
To my regret and heart’s sorrow,
She said, “You should have waited,
At least until tomorrow.”
I had hoped at least for a kiss or a hug,
Now I merely gave a shrug,
“For you, your wish is my command,”
But I want you to understand,
How important you are to me,
And that’s why I’m here, don’t you see?”
Her eyes grew wide,
She laughed and then cried,
Then handed me a package wrapped in blue,
“This is for you,”
I opened the box carefully for dramatic effect,
“There are several things in here that I detect,”
She smiled a mysterious smile and asked,
“Are you ready? Do you want me to select?”
I nodded slowly; this was going to be fun,
She reached in and turned,
And handed me the first one,
“I think this is where you should start,”
Wrapped in pink tissue was a crystal heart,
“It’s fragile, so be careful with what you say or do,
And it will always be there for you,”
“The second gift is a bubble,”
She said with a grin,
“My love for you has no end,”
The third box was empty, completely bare,
She whispered softly, “I want to be the very air,
That you breathe everywhere,”
I did indeed get my hug and kiss,
And I think it would be remiss,
If I did not say that to this very day,
She has satisfied me in every way,
And I’ve tried my best to please her to,
The very best a man can do.

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