Monday, October 4, 2010

Learning to Love for a Lifetime
Let’s walk through the wood,
We’ll talk all the way,
Let your heart be understood,
Then I’ll have my say,
I love you more than you know,
Still waters run very deep,
I’ll be with you wherever you go,
For I have a commitment to keep,
Even if our love grows thin,
I’ll find a way to make a stand,
By teaching my heart within,
Ways to make it understand,
You can try to make me glad,
But happiness is something I choose,
Neither can you make me sad,
Unless your love for me I lose,
We should not be afraid to change,
Even though decisions we’ll make,
Others might think our path is strange,
With all the steps we take,
Love will cover a multitude of wrongs,
Patience is a virtue we’ll both see,
But together we’ll always be strong,
Facing life with quiet dignity,
We won’t get trampled in life’s race,
If we dream the same dream,
And walk the same measured pace,
We’ll swim the same stream,
Caring deeply, one day at a time,
If love is a goal that we both share,
Our hearts will find a love sublime,
And a lifetime beyond compare.

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