Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gifts From the Heart

Gifts From the Heart
I am electric, dancing and laughing,
 With the morning’s energy,
Overflowing with all that surrounds me,
Outside my window the sun so bright,
 Wraps tendrils of light,
Around the autumn trees ,
I am surrounded by the beauty of all I see,
I am eager to share my world with someone,
 My heart is filled with joy,
Uncontained, and bubbling o’er,
Ready to share and give a thousand times more,
Freely and without restriction,
Gifts from the heart cannot be coerced,
For ill gotten gains will be worthless,
What I do shall be out of love,
Strictly of my own volition,
Choosing to be patient and kind,
Struggling against my own disposition,
Neither will my words buzz and sting,
Living long and causing unexpected harm,
I want your heart also to sing,
Pleased by my wit and charm,
Instead, I’ll use words that are sweet,
To show you my love is complete,
The positive goals that I accomplish today,
Will be my message to the world,
And tomorrow I will see the earth with fresh eyes,
But I am sure I will be singing,
Laughing and dancing,
Filled with the energy of life.

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