Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm a Man, I Refuse to Cry

I’m a Man, I Refuse to Cry
In the middle of the night,
I listen to your breathing, ever so slight,
And I smile,
Even though it’s been awhile,
I want to pull you closer,
And feel your warmth, your fire,
But I know we fought last night,
Over something that really doesn’t matter,
We went to bed mad,
But I’ve been lying here,
Thinking I’m glad,
That you’re my wife,
I want to feel your love,
What your response will be,
And know you still love me,
I whisper, “I’m sorry,” and kiss your neck,
I expect you to turn to me,
Or to say you’re still angry,
But there is silence,
And the quiet is killing me,
This is not the way,
It’s supposed to be,
After a long while,
You say, “If you wanted to make love,
You should have showed your love,
This morning and all day long,
You can’t expect me to warm up,
To react so soon and just go along,
I still can’t believe,
That you agreed,
With my parents when they said,
‘I was stubborn and unforgiving.’ ”
She didn’t face me,
And I could see,
She wasn’t ready to discuss,
Any problems between us,
So I rolled over, pretending to sleep,
The night was silent and so deep,
On my side I’ll try to keep,
Another battle she has won,
But the war continues on,
Does it matter what she’s fighting for?
And does she feel loved,
More than before?
As a rule I won’t whine,
I will keep my feelings confined,
 I’m a man, I cannot cry,
It’s an unwritten rule, I don’t know why,
I’ll be real tough, I refuse to cry.

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