Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy to be Outsmarted

Happily Outsmarted
I beheld her beauty,
But it was her voice,
Her sultry voice,
That left me with no choice,
But to listen and admire,
And when she required,
My attention and rhyme,
I was ready to give all my time,
I could not resist,
She didn’t have to insist,
But in love’s endless pool,
Words are powerful tools,
And with poetry I decided to ply,
Her vulnerable heart,
Oh, I was sly,
(Love enough to satisfy my own greed)
Seeking all she offered, all I need,
I was cunning, yes, indeed,
She opened her arms,
And displayed her charms,
Offering comfort, warmth, love,
Fulfillment of dreams,
She wanted me, it seemed,
A tear drop caught my eye,
I didn’t want her to cry,
My oh my,
How can I,
Take advantage of the moment,
When she is acting like a woman,
Making my heart so tender?
So against my gender,
When all I wanted,
Was to make love to her all night long,
That was so wrong,
But it felt so right, even though,
Now she knew,
That my intentions were more,
Than I said before,
Words don’t say everything,
And yet, her tears were ripping me apart,
Had she no heart?
She was taking advantage of my weaker side,
There was no place to hide,
I had to say the words I knew,
I should not do,
But I said it anyway,
“I love you”,
But once said,
Those words felt good,
And now I understood,
What I really wanted,
Someone more than a friend,
Faithful and loving to the end,
Someone wily,
A woman who could outsmart me,
And Cupid smiled from up above,
His timely dart had brought me love.

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