Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Can Impact the World

I Can Impact the World
I can impact the world,
If my passions run deep enough,
And if I can be emotionally tough,
If I’m ready to challenge,
Something the world holds dear,
Something that brings fear,
To the hearts of those who dominate,
Or those who procrastinate,
When wrongs are being done,
I can make ripples in life’s stream,
If I choose to have a dream,
Like Martin Luther King,
Standing up for what is right,
Dignity and respect are worth the fight,
And it should be written on my heart’s wall,
Justice and fairness for all,
If my mission is to be a success,
There are problems I should redress,
This country’s foundation should be strong,
I should be vocal when I see wrong,
Pointing out evil when it is known,
But I am but one on a journey alone,
I may not make a difference in the world,
Not like Gandhi when controversy swirled,
I want to tear down communication’s walls,
Keep wisdom and integrity within freedoms halls,
Not to make differences in the world,
But to make the world different,
And my impact will be known,
Though I am but one on a journey alone.

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