Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jingle Poetry: POETRY POTLUCK - Beaches and Mountains...

Jingle Poetry: POETRY POTLUCK - Beaches and Mountains...

I Take My Walks Along the Milky Way
In my dreams I take my walks along the Milky Way,
The brilliance of the stars surprises me (as it does every day),
I am pleasantly surprised, for I think of you,
And the time we walked beside the lake,
I was silent at first, afraid to make a mistake,
Thousands of stars reflected upon the water,
And your eyes, kept me spellbound,
They were like none I had ever found,
Dark eons of nothingness I could fall into, and did,
For in your eyes stars twinkled,
I would have sworn it was the whole Milky Way sprinkled,
Glittering and beautiful,
And I, like a moth to a flame, was drawn in,
And at that moment I felt time begin,
That was long ago but the memory lingers,
How did I let you slip through my fingers,
As I walk into the dark recesses of night,
I, alone, know the extent of my plight,
How can I keep from thinking about you,
The night grows weary of keeping the stars left on,
And lets the lights blink out, one by one,
But I keep on walking, and keep on talking,
Just to myself about what should have been,
Until the sun chases me home, satiated with thoughts of you,
But even then, the sun catches the opulent splendor of dew,
And it sparkles and glistens like your eyes,
And thus you are immortalized,
For both day and night are filled with memories,
So when I take my walks through the galaxy,
Won’t you come along with me?
My heart will show you the path,
And we can go walking and leaping among the stars,
Holding hands, like we once did that long lost day,
Two dancing lights among the Milky Way.

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