Monday, October 25, 2010

Of Course, I Will

Of Course, I Will
Our love is important, so this I’ll do,
I will spend quality time with you,
I want to sit facing you, so I can try,
To carry on a conversation, eye to eye,
Listening to each word that you say,
Validating the experiences of your day,
I want to talk to you about our goals,
About our future, how it will unfold,
We’re a team; I’m proud of all you do,
Everything you accomplish helps me too,
Construction in my heart is already underway,
I’m building a permanent place for love to stay,
Let’s make a list, mark things I can do,
I want to keep our love fresh and new,
 I’ll help clean the house, cook a meal,
Do some of the things that would reveal,
How you’re my soul mate in every way,
My love is yours to keep, for always,
I want to touch you, caress your face,
 With soft nibbles your contours I’ll trace,
Soothe away the tension along your spine,
With aromatic oils and music, make you mine,
We’ll sit together before a fireplace tonight,
I’ll kiss your soft lips and hug you tight,
I’ll hold you and share your dreams,
Keep you warm and cozy, no extremes,
Talk together like more than best friends,
Count the stars until the night ends,
Tell of gifts for you I want to buy,
A precious diamond to catch your eye,
Two love birds that cuddle and coo,
And a cottage built for me and you,
Time is dragging, I can hardly wait,
Until we’ve marked our wedding date,
My heart pounds wildly as you go,
It screams out loud, “I love you so,”
When my pledge I’m asked to fulfill,
Will you take this bride? “Of course, I will!”

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